The fascinating and varied subjects upon which the speakers lectured provided an excellent opportunity to foster the 'larger picture' of continuing legal education, one in which a consideration of, and appreciation for comparative legal systems plays a vital part. It was an experience which I will always value, and will not soon forget.

I am so very glad I attended the Lectures. To say they were enriching and wonderful would be an understatement, and I look forward to attending them again!!

Having just returned from the 2009 Cambridge Lectures, I felt compelled to write and say what a wonderful experience it was. The Cambridge Lectures experience is one which I feel any who have the opportunity to attend should surely avail of it.

Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality during The Cambridge Lectures. We had literally the time of our lives.

When we got back, we felt so good that we decided to get engaged (I decided, she accepted). We figured if we could survive 10 days in a student dorm room as well as driving in the U.K. with me navigating, then we could survive anything.

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