….(We) I had a perfectly wonderful time in Cambridge with (as the English say) "The Canadians." … It was, in every way, a joy and we left, as always, longing for more and already looking forward to the next Cambridge Lectures in two years time.

…Thank you for putting on an absolutely amazing experience which has been quite life-altering for me in many ways. ….I met wonderful people who I have already had further contact with upon returning home. The speakers were riveting and exceptional in their presentation and topic. It should be a compulsory course for all judges!

Cambridge was fabulous and (we) both came back on a real high.

…I enjoyed every minute of the Cambridge Lectures. It was intellectually stimulating to hear one wonderful speaker after another and to have the opportunity to then discuss what I had learned with others in the group. … Best of all, however, was the incredible camaraderie among the delegates and their significant others. I told those at home that I felt like I had been to camp for Adults - such a treat at this stage of life.

This is the first time that I ever attended the Cambridge Lectures and I was thoroughly impressed with the content, the organization and the opportunities for social interaction with such a wide variety of interesting and enjoyable people from across the country. … It was certainly an eye-opener for me and an opportunity to listen and to think about a wide variety of ideas on topics that are not always a part of daily practice.

I'm profoundly grateful to have been able to experience the Cambridge Lectures - and will do all I can to return.

The lectures were stimulating and informative. And, the opportunity for personal growth and professional development in the company of so many accomplished persons was unsurpassed.

"(We) had a splendid time at the Cambridge Lectures - a unique event that ought to be regarded as a national treasure.

I benefited greatly from lectures and question period. Wonderful opportunity for learning and exchange. International contributions were very enriching.

Wonderful concept. Different companions at meals may be the best part.

The Cambridge Lectures are a treasure. Never stop doing them.

World class program.

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