M. Jérôme Paradis

Jerome Paradis

Jérôme holds a law degree from the Université Laval. He is currently completing a Master of Laws degree at the Université Laval in financial services law under the guidance of the Professor Raymonde Crête.

Jérôme graduated from his Bachelor of Laws at the Université Laval at the top of his class in 2010. During his LL.B., he had the opportunity to study abroad for a semester, in Paris, at the René Descartes University. In addition to participating to the Faculté de droit's Moot Court, he had the opportunity to publish a paper in LexisNexis Jurisclasseur regarding insider trading with the Professor Raymonde Crête. He also published an article regarding socially responsible investment in private pension plans in the Province of Québec under the guidance of the Professors Raymonde Crête et Mario Naccarato. Jérôme have been awarded a prize for this second paper for the best paper published by a student at the Revue Générale de droit.

Upon completion of his Bachelor of Laws, Jérôme had the opportunity to work for two years as a law clerk to the Honourable Guy Gagnon of the Court of Appeal of Québec During his clerkship, Jérôme was admitted to the Québec Bar and was thereafter admitted as a licensed attorney.

After clerking for two years, Jérôme is currently writing his thesis for the completion of his Master of Laws degree under the guidance of the Professor Raymonde Crête at the Université Laval. His thesis' subject is the regulation of the financial services providers' compensation in the mutual funds industry. Since his admission to the Master of Laws program in 2011, Jérôme was awarded many scholarships and prizes for his academic achievements.

Since 2009, Jérôme is a member of the Board of Directors of the Ligue des droits et libertés (Québec City section), a non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of civil rights in Québec City.

At the University of Cambridge, Jérôme intends to focus on Financial and Corporate Law, in order to pursue his career in those fields.

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