Frequently Asked Questions


Where is The Cambridge Lecture series held?
The Cambridge Lectures are held at Queens’ College, University of Cambridge in Cambridge, England. Information about the College can be viewed online at

When will The Cambridge Lectures be held?
The lecture series is held every other year. The next Cambridge Lectures is scheduled from June 30 to July 6, 2019.

Is there internet/wifi access at Queens’ College?
Wireless internet/wifi access is available free of charge at Queens’ College. An internet access pass is available from the Institute at Queens’ College.

Dress Code
The Institute is very informal in all its activities. The only time men wear a tie and jacket or business suit is for our official delegate picture, the High Commissioner’s reception and the dinner which follows on Monday. For our evening dinners, we recommend that men continue to wear jackets to dinner but ties are optional. Generally, women dress casually throughout the day and wear appropriate dress for dinner.


How do I get to and from The Cambridge Lectures at Queens’ College, Cambridge, England?
The Institute facilitates travel between various points in Canada and Queens’ College, Cambridge. The Institute’s preferred airline is Air Canada and direct ground transfers to and from Heathrow and Queens’ College are available to delegates at specific times on June 30 and July 6 only.

Set out below is some general information about travelling to the Cambridge Lectures:


Most delegates flying into or out of London, England for the Cambridge Lectures at Queens’ College, Cambridge will travel through Heathrow Airport. Information about the airport is available at Travel through Gatwick Airport is possible and information about that airport can be accessed at


If arriving in the U.K. at Heathrow Airport or Gatwick Airport it is possible to travel by train to and from Queens’ College, Cambridge however the trip is not direct and requires transfers.

Express train service is available from Heathrow Airport to Paddington Station and from Gatwick Airport to Victoria Station both of which are in central London. Information about the express train services are available online at and

Ground transportation such as a taxi or the Tube will provide the link between Paddington or Victoria stations and the railway stations (King’s Cross or Liverpool) serving routes to and from Cambridge.

There is frequent train service to and from London’s King’s Cross or Liverpool Street stations to Cambridge. Train fares and schedules are available online at

Once at the Cambridge Train Station it is a short taxi ride to Queens’ College. Taxis queue outside the train station.

When departing Queens’ College for Heathrow or Gatwick, the above process can be reversed. In calculating travel time it will be important to allow for transfers, heavy traffic and airport security.


National Express offers a cost-effective way to travel in the United Kingdom. It is possible to travel to and from Cambridge from central London and all major U.K. airports including Heathrow using this coach service. Coaches arrive and depart from central Cambridge. A taxi will be needed for transport to and from the coach drop off point and Queens’ College. Coach schedules and related information are available online at


d) Selected Taxis/Car Services

Taxi Companies in Cambridge:
i)  A1 Cabco (01223) 313131
ii) Panther Taxis (01223) 715715

Executive Cars Services:
i)  Milton Executive Cars (01223) 525345
ii) Blue Rose Cars - Mobile Number (07809) 345240

Is parking available at Queens’ College?
Very limited parking is available at Queens’ College. Inquiries about availability should be directed to the Institute.


There is a non-delegates’ programme offered for those non-delegates at Queens’ College during the Lectures. Information about the programme is available from the Institute’s office. Outside of lecture hours there are many things to do in the Cambridge area including scenic walks and cycling. Queens’ College also has limited gym facilities. Yoga and exercise classes will also be offered at the College.

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